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Captain Are We Thinking?

by Quitters

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Opening II 01:37
« Another day, another problem » That what they said Tiny voices running through my head Motivation, it comes and goes Am I wasting my time again ? With the devil on my shoulder Blood in my eyes, smoke in my mind Cause some things never change Cause some things stay the same And I don’t wanna feel concerned Months to write few words on paper So ironic. Am I running in circle over again ? Stone between the same four white walls I never learn No alibi I listen to the sound of the rain Bouncing off my bedroom window
Ho no ! it's happened again She said I can't take it anymore These words bouncing in my head like a well-known nightmare And leaves a hole in my heart Oceans, deserts, mountains crossed Together we've travelled the whole damn world If only it was a poetic expression It will be easier to move on I lost my Lion's heart in the city of bridges Bitter end When the sun goes down There's nothing left to say One million miles away the feelings stay the same No escape The ice is broken There's nothing left to loose Now I'm supposed to move forward and write songs about you But how can I write something If I can't feel anything, anymore? Now I walk like a ghost in our flat full of memories After all the shit we've been through Now everything is dead and gone Our souls torn apart in silence I'm lost in oblivion For better and for worst I'm gonna stay on my own
Rats pile up in the subway Guinea-pig of a new kind Animal's tests weren't enough Alienated by all the screens We build our own golden jails Without a look on each other We close our eyes to the real problem Digital Slavery Let's dive our memories upload to the cloud Pixelated happiness More connected, more foreign We burn our own messiahs Return the favour to Assange Horizontal intercontrol Let us break the inside zone We're the only ones to blame We are going further In the wrong direction So indifferently So sadly We run into the wall The next generation Will be registered Before birth
Borders 02:33
Spring’s coming, snow’s melting return Of better days ? Not for you my friend Your decaying corpse arose From this pure white No more life, no more identity Nameless body Good luck, on the road Take care of men standing in your way Mountains didn’t kill, fences, borders did The sky is falling down, falling down on us The storm has stopped on the ocean For better times ? Clouds gave away to the sun Leaving only a dead wreck Without a soul Rest in peace in the abyss Waves shall rock you You had a place that you could call home Blasted hearts where there once were dreams Oceans didn’t kill, thanks to the human heart The sky is falling down, falling down on us The sky is falling down, falling down on us
It's an open letter for you, old friend We come from the same planet but a different world You build a scary reality Searching for something that doesn’t exist One point of view Doesn't show you The whole picture So many useless questions launched into the void Is it your life my friend ? You can say "I'm more open minded than all" But your three eyes turn blind. Oh damned ! Lost boy Far from spirituality The Post-modern world makes you lose your mind
Broken World 03:12
Lies I just see a wealth of lies Contradictions Are easier to expose with a bright smile Problems cannot be the solution Use words like a weapon Without a voice, we remained in silence Charmed with fake stories Repeated over and over again Where am I ? In this broken world Jesters become kings Among the under dogs Sailing on A sea of lies Waiting for the end Screaming from the heights Sick So sick of those clowns With a pin Bursting the whole world like a balloon Diplomatic farce on humanity Who are those idiots ? juggling with bombs for democracy
I spent my life in a darkroom Eating the same food day after day I can feel something is wrong In my blood, in my skin, in my flesh As far as I can remember I never could taste fresh grass Never felt the wind on my face As the elders told me Am I in hell ? Six feet underground for so long Am I in hell ? Is it another bad dream again ? Someone opened the cell’s lock My brothers and sisters are in line I follow them into a big hall Feeling blades pushing me in the back Why do I hear screams and tears ? My breath gets fast and heavy Close my eyes try to calm down Is it the meaning of life ? Man in white coat Approaches me with a gun I try to reach his eyes Like a robot doing his task, Ruined inside, A cold metal against my head Take one last breath I embrace fullness and calmness Am I in hell ? Am I in hell ? Is it another bad dream again ?
Le desert d'Atacama On crame le jour La nuit on se gèle A trainer avec les étoiles Le desert d'Atacama Les têtes virevoltes Epris de vertiges Asphyxié par tout cet espace We could climb here and there With our freaky and dirty van And after hours of dusty roads We got to the highest point of view We arrive in Alma site Don’t ask us how, don’t ask us why With the fall of the night the pink sky just blew my mind My heart belongs here I will remember I will remember you Nasa will remember me Nasa will remember Nasa will remember me Give us back our memories Sixty seven satellites Only for us, at the perfect time When the night came up We put the light in the van, such a bad idea Innocent, they call it crime Please someone call the 911 We‘ve been escorted from this romantic night at 5000 meters I will remember I will remember you Nasa will remember me Nasa will remember Nasa will remember me It’s just a souvenir of my history We entered in the base Like ship for astronautes They did not expect visitors But after the check they thought us cool They even gave us coffee and food Before they sent us back away With our little van We returned into the valley We could never prove this story Because the next day we have been robbed Le desert dAtacama desert On crame le jour La nuit on se gèle La poussière laisse un goût amer
If you hear hunting horn ringing in the forest You better run And if you can smell dogs screaming after you You better hide You better run from this Better run from this This time This time again You better hide from them Better hide from them One time One time again Know that even if you’re hunted, you're still free Do not complain Know that some of yours are raised in factories And won’t come out Now I think of you and I walk In the frozen food section Where some of yours are there Well wrapped/presented in their plastic packaging Now I have to face up the fact Cause we won't change our habits Going against the flow Is more exhausting than eating you with wine
I can’t reach the surface Falling deeply with my questions Lost in my own city I don’t recognize anymore Everything’s so different At the same time nothing’s changed Same people, same problems Same mistakes without a plan I follow the wind Without expectations I'll let it slide A misunderstood dreamer Looking for a way out of this maze Looking for a way out I must have been lost To find myself in other places Luck and happiness Are after all just a matter of point of view
Thousands of thoughts go through my mind Will they catch them, are they watching us ? Hiding the power in every single corps, in every single bone, Self disciplined, I become my own guard Well my senses ain't safe anymore Hiding in my own shadow I’m waiting for the end of the world. I Stay hypnotized, I stay occupy Burning my eyes, cuting of my tongue Only wise men and fools have understood it : There’s no point in running Comfort has built our prison of control


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Recorded at Lakanal Studio
Mixed by Charles
Mastered at 2 Doigts Dans La Prises
Artwork by Osaka

KROD records
Dingleberry records
Bad Mood Asso
Fireflies Fall
Joe Cool
Pasidaryk Pats


released September 23, 2022


all rights reserved



Quitters Montpellier, France

Après un EP et un album sorti entre autres sur les fabuleux labels Inhumano, BadMood Asso et KROD Records, des tournées en France et en Europe, un escale au Chili et une au Etat Unis en 2018, les gars dévoilent un nouvel EP, en apportant une creativité toujours surprenante dans la construction des morceaux, les plans guitares qui s'entremêlent intelligemment et les refrains archi-tubesques ... more

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